Claudya Tio Elleossa

Humas Kementerian Perdagangan

👩🏻‍🏫 About me:

Started her career in 2013, Claudya has experienced various roles. Starting from being a teacher in a private school, volunteering in the 3T area, to opening a printing business.

Not only that, since 2016, she became the head editor for the local community website, then she became a social media manager. Portfolios, personal branding, and recruiter testimonials lead her to a variety of new projects. A number of projects she has handled including company profile for IT companies, educational videos for BCA, translate and proofreading for AGIT (Astra), as well as social media activation for 1 SMEs and 1 export company.

Since 2019, she anchored her writing career at startups MauBelajarApa and Elsheskin. She now works full-time as an analyst at the Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia as well as being a speaker for various career-related events, personal branding, relationships, and content creation.

🎓 Experiences:

2013 – one month internship KBRI Bangkok
2013 – 2014 part time teacher
2014 – one month volunteering (3T District)
2015 – 2018 full time teacher
2016 – 2018 head editor for ignite GKI
2018 – 2019 social media manager for ignite GKI
2018 – 2020 part time teacher and freelance copywriter

Currently work at Ministry of Trade

Company that hired me: Gloria School, Pelangi Kasih School, Alaire Project, Nubiz Agency, Philosobake, Suhita Artha Buana, Elsheskin Group, and MauBelajarApa.

💡 Things That Inspire Me:​

My son and my youngerself