Dyasanti Vidya Saputri

Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences Student at University of Pennsylvania

IMG_8632 - Dyasanti Vidya S

👩🏻‍🏫 About me:

Hi! I’m Dea, a student at University of Pennsylvania studying behavioral and decision sciences, which is an extremely cool field where I get to learn at the intersection of psychology, economics, and naturally, statistics. Prior to grad school, I had nearly 6 years of work experience in consumer/user research and growth experimentation, most of which I’d spent in tech. My journey to grad school was a long one and I’m here to assure you that sometimes things take a while to manifest and that’s okay! It may just mean more time to develop a strategy that can maximize our chances for the best possible outcome. In my free time, I can be seen trying to hit my reading goal or writing for my newsletter.