Esty Nadya Rafyanti

Information Analyst at Ministry of Communications and Informatics

Esty Nadya - Esty N. Rafyanti

👩🏻‍🏫 About me:

Esty Nadya, has an educational background in Communications Studies at Universitas Gadjah Mada and has been in the public relations industry for approximately 5 years.

Esty has also been titled by PR Indonesia Magazine as ICON PR Indonesia 2020-2021 and is currently having responsibility at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

Creativity and compassion have always been pivotal to the way she communicates in everyday life. Good communication depends on listening and adding value to the conversation. By listening to the needs, concerns, and opinion of others, she is able to show compassion. While creativity and listening to other is core to heR identity.

💡 Things That Inspire Me:​

People who are really passionate about what they are doing. Because there is nothing to be scared of for having the courage and try something new so that we could find our hidden potential and keep evolving both mindset and skillset competence.