Fakhirah Inayaturrobbani, S.Psi., M.A

Psychology Scientist

20211125_130219 - Fakhirah Inayaturrob

👩🏻‍🏫 About me:

Fakhirah Inayaturrobbani (Fakhi) is an Indonesian Social Psychologist, author, and speaker. She has joined the Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology (CICP) Universitas Gadjah Mada for almost seven years. She is now helping many people to have a better understanding of cognitive bias which hinders individual’s productivity and mental health.

🎓 Experiences:

– Psychology speaker at various seminars.
– Psychology advisor at Klik.Klas (Youth Empowerment Socio-StartUp)
– Researcher at Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology (CICP) UGM
– Research Enumerator of Harvard Medical School Mental Health Project in Collaboration with Center for Public Mental Health (CPMH), Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

💡 Things That Inspire Me:​

Self-understanding rather than self-condemnation is the way to inner peace and mature conscience.