Fenny Desriani

Project Leader at Skha Consulting

Fenny's Photo - Fenny Desriani

👩🏻‍🏫 About me:

I spent most of my professional life as a management consultant. I love to dig into clients’ problems. Most of them are Government and State-Owned Enterprises that encounter strategic problems.

Some of the projects I managed were institutional design, a product’s go-to-market strategy, economic development program design, and public management improvement program design.

What I love in my job are:
– Conducting problem-solving in a group
– Presenting the idea to clients and responding to their feedback
– Hearing the benefit of our strategy from clients

🎓 Experiences:

Selected Consultancy Case Portfolio:

1. Program Management Office for increasing the effectiveness of Indonesia’s Medium Term Development Plan

2. Develop a public housing loans feature and marketing strategy for secondary mortgage facility institution in Indonesia

3. Regional industrialization assistance for one of Infrastructure SOE company

4. Program management office of non-government budget initiatives for national development planning institution

5. Program management office of quick win initiatives strategic for national development planning institution

6. Develop an institutional development for climate change trust fund institution