Registered Nutritionist & Founder of FLAPnJAC Tray-Bakes

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👩🏻‍🏫 About me:

Hello there, I’m Ledyan, a registered nutritionist working as a food, nutrition and wellbeing consultant. I have suffered with Eating Disorders in the past, going through various types of restrictive dieting and body dysmorphia. I believe the importance of mental and physical health when it comes to food.

I practice a non- restrictive diet approach to a healthy and well-balanced way of eating. Classifying Foods as ‘Bad’ and ‘Good’ can bring up unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, a Healthy and well balance way of eating is a way of choosing what to eat and when with no guilt, body shaming or severe restrictions.

I am also the founder of FLAPnJAC Tray-Bakes, a bakery that serves Tray-Bakes for you to have a Good and Filling experience.

“Healthy Eating does not mean limiting or avoiding certain foods but rather choosing what and when to eat the foods and drinks that we NEED and that we WANT.”

🎓 Experiences:

-Founder and Owner of FLAPnJAC Tray- Bakes
-Clinical Nutritionist at Seraphim Medical Centre, Banten, Tangerang
-Lead Nutritionist at SOS International , Jakarta
-Nutrition Consultant at JADE Aesthetic Clinic and Wellness, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Research Assistant at NU-FOOD, Food Quality and Health Research Centre, Newcastle University, UK