Rani Siti Khodijah Soebijantoro

Chairwoman AMBIZ

Rani Soebijantoro Headshot - Rani Soebijantoro

👩🏻‍🏫 About me:

A strategizer with a vision to enrich people’s lives through economic productivity and equal employment. Experienced in founding and leading a consulting group organically that has helped more than 50 thousand talents and 120 organizations in
3 years

🎓 Experiences:

Founder and Chairwoman in AMBIZ from Aug 2017 – Present
Founder & Chief Revenue Officer Bookabuku from Aug 2017 – Dec 2019
Public Speaker in Self Development & Anti-Bullying from Sept 2013 – Sept 2019

💡 Things That Inspire Me:​

I’m inspired by a simple thing that produce multipliers in issues like Economic Productivity and Employment Equality