Salma Kyana

Founder Mengenal Diri.ID, Medical Doctor at a Primary Healthcare Facility in East Jakarta

👩🏻‍🏫 About me:

Salma is a medical doctor graduate from Universitas Indonesia and holds a Master of Research in Evolution and Human Behaviour from Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

Salma is currently working full-time as a medical doctor at a Primary Health Care Facility in East Jakarta. She is also working part time as a research assistant in the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia – dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.

With her expertise and capacity as a meditation guide, she has been invited to speak at various events and workshops on the topic of mental health, self-exploration, and mindfulness.

Through Mengenal Diri.ID platform, Salma is committed to inspire Indonesian youth to be the best versions of themselves by digging deep into understanding, appreciating and celebrating their uniqueness.

🎓 Experiences:

1. 2014-2021: Medical Doctor – Universitas Indonesia
2. 2017-2018: Master of Research on Evolution and Human Behaviour, Newcastle University, UK
3. 2011-2014: SMAN 8 Jakarta

Work Experience:
1. July 2021 – now: Medical doctor at Ciracas Primary Health Care Facility, East Jakarta
2. March 2021 – now: Research Assistant at the Division of Addiction Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia – dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital
3. April 2020 – now: Founder Mengenal Diri.ID

1. Putri Batik Nusantara 2018
2. None Jakarta Utara 2017

Licenses and Certifications:
1. 4-week Meditation Guide Training by Tsamara Fahrana – 2021
2. Psychological First Aid by John Hopkins University on Coursera – June 2020
3. Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health by University of Sydney on Coursera – June 2020

Speaker Portfolio (related to mindfulness):
1. Quarter Life Crisis 101 with Hartlogic Foundation – October 2021
2. Befriend Fears: Girl Meets World with Hi Fear Club – October 2021
3. Start Your Journey to Heal with Instagram Live Dididikcom – October 2021
4. Hustle Culture: The Power of Journaling for Your Mental Health with Teruntuk Project – October 2021
5. Overcoming Your Insecurities to Improve Your Mental Health with U2U Exchange Program Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA) UNDIP x AMSA UB x AMSA UAJ – October 2021
6. Mindfulness: Your Tool Against Toxic Hustle Culture – September 2021
7. Mindfulness to Heal Through Loss with Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya – September 2021
8. Positivity and Detoxification to Alleviate Insecurities with Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA) UI x AMSA Thailand – July 2021
9. Game Addiction: Can It Be Prevented and Treated? with The Addiction Master Class Series 2021, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, dr. Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital – July 2021
10. Journaling to Release Stress from Hustle Culture with Simply Indonesia – June 2021
11. How to Know Yourself Better and Keys to Improve Mental Health Being with Youtube Asyik Talks – May 2021
12. Finding Happiness Through Ikigai with Simply Indonesia Podcast – May 2021
13. Mengenal Diri with Podcast Meditate With Tsamara – December 2020
14. Be Your Own Bestfriend with Instagram Live Jan Livia Tiu – December 2020
15. How Does Mental Health Influence Academics – Podcast Girl Up UI – November 2020
16. Do You Know Yourself? with Instagram Live FAM Health Indonesia – November 2020

💡 Things That Inspire Me:​

My meditation practice, self-help books and podcasts