Everyone wants to be more productive, no matter who you are. Big thanks to technology which makes it easier. There are a ton of productivity apps that it is a pity not to use. 

So, what are productivity apps?

It is a software tool or platform used on a mobile device. Users can access the productivity app via their smartphone, tablet, or wearable device, making it easier and more efficient to complete daily tasks.

There’s a full range of productivity apps to help business owners, teams, and individuals, including categories for note-taking tools, accounting software, word processing, time clock tools, cloud storage, email software, to-do lists, spreadsheets, project management collaboration, and more.

Are you wondering what kind of apps can help you become more productive?

Google Sheets

Available for the web, iOS, and Android, Google Sheets is likely already on your radar if you use Gmail and have a Google account. In terms of integration, it works with all of Google’s products, making it one of the most powerful productivity apps for working with your company’s data.

Even better is Google Sheets’ collaboration capability. You can work with team members in real-time from the same spreadsheet rather than waste time sending various revised files back and forth to each other. You can leave comments and follow up directly in the spreadsheet, and the version history feature lets you find and document changes in seconds.


Todoist wants to help you remember all the things you don’t (and can’t). You set tasks, their deadlines and get notifications when they’re due. You can even track and visualize your progress, reviewing your productivity each week. For the unorganized among us, the app gives you the confidence that everything’s organized and accounted for, freeing up mental space to make progress on the things that are important to you.


Did my sticky note comment hit home with you? Then take a look at Trello.

Unlike most list-based task managers, Trello is based on a real-time card and board system real-time. It is a virtual bulletin board. You can add photos, notes, files, lists, labels, color codes, and more to the cards to ensure all your information is included. And, you can easily drag and drop to re-organize everything just about whatever way you see things in your mind’s eye.


It’s easy to be productive when you’re in focus mode. But if you work online, it’s nearly impossible not to let the internet distract you by the endless amount of exciting stuff that grabs your attention all day.

Add the Pocket App to your life, and you can save all those exciting things for a better time and get back to work. Pocket also lets you download for offline times and allows you to share to your socials with an easy click. The free version includes ads, or subscribe to their premium package if that annoys you.


Another app promoting focus to boost your productivity is Forest. So we had to add this app because it has such an extraordinary real-world impact.

Forest lets you get hold of all the distractions on your phone and rewards you every time you put down the screen and stick to your tasks. It’s got a gaming element to it. When you set a task and time, you are planting a seed on the app. If you stick to the job, your tree grows.

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